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It's just plain common sense to encourage more frequent and effective hand washing – but it makes good business sense too.  Unclean hands spread the germs that cause colds and flu, infecting your employees.  Once an illness has struck one person in your company, absenteeism can quickly multiply and cost your business in lost productivity.


Did you know:

  • Among unvaccinated employees, flu-like illnesses accounted for 39% of sick days and 49% of days with reduced employee productivity.   

  • Yearly flu costs $76.7 million per year in employee absenteeism and other indirect costs.

  • For each flu or cold, a person feels sick for five to six days, resulting in missed days ranging from half a day to five days of work.

Frequent hand washing is one thing your organization can promote to decrease the spread of colds and flu and keep your business running smoothly. 

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